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    Little Kelly, an OEGB chick was purchased along with one Millie Fleur D'uccle. Over time, he gained three new friends. Alexis the BR turned into a sort of mother to him and the other four bantams. Kelly loved to pick on any pullets or little chicks that were not from his group. He would fluff his feathers up and dance, spreading out his wings. He never went after any girls, but he sure did let them know he was there. His little friend Peepers, also a cockerel, would do the same. They would leave their little girls with their mother, knowing they were safe.
    When Kelly was about twelve weeks old, he started to crow. His friend Peepers followed his example just a week later. Both were beautiful little cockerels.
    One night, a raccoon snatched Amanda from their cage, leaving nothing but feathers behind. It was tragic. We moved them into the shed that day to make sure it did not happen again. A few weeks later, an electrician ran over little Peepers when he was leaving our house. He was alive, but he only survived for a few minutes after the unsupecting man left.
    From the sick batch of chicks we unknowingly purchased, Kelly caught Coryza. We tried for weeks to cure him, but it was no use. Finally, in order to prevent further spread of the disease throughout our flock, we had Kelly put down along with the three carriers, RIR, Snowy, and Priscilla.
    The night before they were to be put down, I held Kelly in my arms and rocked him. I knew that would be my last chance to do this with my favorite little rooster. Kelly had been my favorite chick since the moment I brought him home. He was my last OEGB, and he was a gorgeous, loving boy. If you left his carrier open, he'd come out and strut over to you. He'd situate himself in your lap without even being put there.
    The morning that they were to be put down, I woke up thirty minutes before school started. It took at least that long just to drive to the school. I was in such a hurry that I did not get a chance to say goodbye to the chicks. The appointment was during chool, and I could not go. I did not even remember that this was to happen later that day until the moment I stepped out of the car at school. When I came home, my mother had already disposed of the bodies.
    These were taken just after Kelly got sick.

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