Kelsie's Koop but children's chicks! (LOTS of photos)

By childrenschicks · Jul 22, 2014 · Updated Jul 22, 2014 · ·
  1. childrenschicks
    I can't wait any longer to post so it's not finished but I'll keep it updated until we are done!!

    I did a lot of research about chickens, coops and everything in between for months now! I wanted to make sure that I did things right the first time (I'm kind of learning from byc that that's not possible), but I also wanted what was best for our family and chickens!
    The last problem I came to was money, these chickens are not being named as we don't want to associate them as truly "family members," because they are after all for eggs and meat, but we do love them and spend A LOT of time with them, BUT we couldn't afford (nor do we believe) they need a castle but again wanted them to be safe, happy and comfortable. So.... I planned everything out (with many changes before a final plan) and kept in mind the money situation.
    I found LOTS of pallets, scrap plywood, styrofoam, and 2x4's (that came off pallets) off Craigslist and by word of mouth for free.
    So far I purchased a few treated 2x4's and 2 sheets of treated plywood for the floor. And someone's leftover commercial siding (extremely large pieces for extremely cheap for the roof) and old hinges off Craigslist. All for less than $50!

    Hubby helping put floor together and making sure it's level!

    I have some artist making a beautiful coop and one big helper putting up the first wall!

    While I start to put up slats on first wall hubby put up 2 more walls

    I got 2 walls with slats on them, these are the 2 walls with windows! It's coming along!

    3 walls with slats on them and this is the wall with the door to the run!

    Unfortunately things have come to a slower hault as we have 3 kids under 3 and my husband got an abundance of work from the tornado that hit near here (not complaining love that he has work!) but I'm by myself so I only get a little bit done at a time!!
    Will post more as I make progress !!!


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  1. celticgarden
    I'll cheer you on! Super tough to get things done with little ones but keep going!
  2. Mountain Peeps
  3. vehve
    People usually use hardware cloth or tin.
  4. childrenschicks
    Thanks. My 2x4's in contact with ground are treated and my osb (correction by husband sry) is not but will have linoleum on it. Our floor has many stud supports ( I don't know terminology, but I can build! Lol) and the outside with have a clear coat for rot. I didn't put anything under it to stop rats (what do u suggest?)
  5. vehve
    Looks great, although before it get way too heavy, I might think about putting some pavers under it or something, looks like you've got untreated wood in direct contact with the ground. I also hope you put something under that OSB floor that will stop rats, and I suggest you seal the floor properly with linoleum or Blackjack 57 before putting in the bedding, otherwise it will soak up moisture and go bad in less than a year. You could start a thread in the coop construction section of the forum for a better way of getting input.

    Otherwise it looks like a well built structure, and I love the look of pallet wood as paneling. Good job!
  6. Chipper Chicken
    This is going to be a GREAT coop! Good for you and I love your "crew" especially the "artists"! I am using a lot of Craigslist material too, it's a super thrifty way to get what you need reasonably and gives every project a unique touch! Posting as you go is not a bad thing, lots of room for input and last minute changes when someone gives you an idea. ;~)

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