Welcome to my Backyard Chicken page and my coop on Lamoureux Landing (my mini farmstead of 6 acres). My name is Ken Lamoureux and I live in the outskirts of Bridgeport West Virginia.


My Coop, built in the spring of 2010. Its an 8x10 with one of my runs built on the rear.


This is the rear of my coop. Currently I have 1/2 inch mesh and 1 inch wire on the right run opening. I hope to have some extra money to built my super run off of this side. The current run is 5x16 and the next one I would like to at least make a 20x20.

Here is a picture of the inside of my coop. The wire fencing on the right has been removed and is now open. I used this to help acclimate my four birds in the photo to my other girls.


My Redneck Parrot- Rosie and I

More to come later from Lamoureux Landing!!! See my second page- construction of the SuperRun, inside the coop and my designs to access the coop run and entrydoor safety.
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