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By kgarbs · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. kgarbs
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand] Hey my names Kaitlyn and I live in the middle of nowhere in the great ol' state of Missouri, where the weather is always unpredictable! At the moment I have 18 3 1/2 month old chickens: 6 Rhode Islands, 2 Buffs, 1 Silver Lace Wyandotte(she's beautiful) 1 Black Sex Links, 3 Black Austalorps, 2 Americaunas, 1 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 1 White Plymouth Rock and 1 Polish Crested. I also own two turkeys that are 1 1/2 months old and one is white and the other is bronze! The truly the best animals in the world!
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand] At the moment I have been having trouble with my bronze turkey! It has a "air"(?) bubble under its wing and I need to know what I should do for it, if anything?[/FONT]
    Please e-mail me with suggestions please! [email protected]

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