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Kiki's Rice n Gravy

By KikisGirls · Oct 4, 2017 · ·
  1. KikisGirls

    Dash some worcestershire sauce on the meat.
    Sprinkle some seasonings on.

    Get the pan warm...brown the meat real good, no grease/oil added.

    Add onions, garlic and bell pepper....sometimes I throw in a little celery too...this time I did not.
    When you add ^ these 3 sprinkle a spoon of flour and let everything cook down a little.

    Use the veggies to scrap up the browned bits off the pan.
    Add some water and a drop or two of the kitchen bouquet stuff.

    Put the lid on and lower the heat and walk away.
    Let it cook for a good hour or two.
    About 30 minutes before it's done thrown in some potatoes.

    Serve with white rice and I sprinkle cut up pickles on top.

    The main thing it to get the pan good and sticky when browning the meat.

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  1. AllenK RGV
    Wow wish I could come over for dinner that looks great and I bet the house smells great while you are cooking it.
      KikisGirls likes this.
    1. KikisGirls
      My house smells good every day!
      [email protected] likes this.
  2. slatetastic
    Ok, I need a pot like that. I've been watching the cajun ninja chef dude on YouTube and he mainly cooks in a pot like that, but I've never seen any up here in Carolina. Also, thank you for the recipe, I didn't even know we shared recipes. Is there anything not on this amazing website?
      KikisGirls likes this.
    1. KikisGirls
      I couldn't recommend this type of pot enough.
      It is a must!
    2. KikisGirls
      Not cheap but totally worth it. https://www.amazon.com/Magnalite-Classic-18-Inch-Covered-Roaster/dp/B00080QE20
  3. DwayneNLiz
    that actually looks pretty good! lol
      KikisGirls likes this.
    1. KikisGirls
      It's the best!
      DwayneNLiz likes this.

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