I've had Chickens for close to 2 years. I purchased 15 Rhode Island Reds from Mt Healthy . All of them survived and are nice looking hens. I built my coop for $400 dollars, more than I anticipated but I'm happy with the results. I have two separate rooms, one for me and my supplies with a closet sliding door separating my area from the chickens nesting area. I have a total of 12 chickens in a 4 x 8" area. My supply area is also 4 x 8. I gave away 5 chickens in exchange for the use of a brooder. I was given a real nesting box made out of a heavy guage steel. I had to replace the bottom board for they have rotted over the years. I built a fenced in area for the chickens to roam and plan on putting a top screen on eventually. My chickens roam my 2 acre yard during days I am home. We enjoy watching them but we are constantly alert for large hawks, fox, fisher cats and coyotes on my area. i actually had a hawk try to take one of my chickens and also a fox or fisher cat, I couldn't get a close look at what it actually was. The chickens were screaming in fear. I recently was given a Rooster called Peeper for the constant sounds he makes. As a chick he would fly up on our shoulders and constantly jump on the backs of my 2 dogs. You couldn't turn your back on him or he would try to fly up on you anyway he could, it was pretty funny. He turned out to be an excellent rooster, a little sh
y but thats OK.