King George Coronation Sussex.

  1. Fancychooklady
    [​IMG]King George is a very regal coronation Sussex . He is very good to his girls. He likes to be hand fed, so that he can hold the food in his beak and offer it to his girls. ( that way it appears to his ladies , that he is the hunter and gather , not me. ) I love the way the girls " pick up their petticoats " and come running when they see me.[​IMG]
    Coronation Sussex are an excellent " dual purpose " bird and very " easy " on the eye.
    Just wanted to add a footnote : King George 's first chicks have hatched[​IMG]

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  1. rocketmail
    I want these!!!!!!
  2. cutenmchick
    Wow, beautiful birds! Do you put anything on their combs? they are so red.
  3. BantamFan4Life
    Stunning rooster!!!
  4. miquwid
    Very cool Dual Purpose and Beautiful That might be something I'd be interested in. Your flock is just gorgeous
  5. K-12 Chickens
    Gorgeous birds and congrats on Chicken Picture of the Week!
  6. Fancychooklady
    Their eggs are nice and big, ranging in colour from white to cream.
  7. Sunflower3628ac
    Beautiful birds. Never heard of them. I would love to have a hen. What color are their eggs?
  8. ChicknsRock
    You have very beautiful chickens.
  9. Ladyorchid
    those are beautiful birds now I might have to get some
  10. LoveChickens123
    Lovely chickens

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