Kingsford Michigan Chicken Ordinance

By slc · Feb 4, 2013 ·
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    <CITY AND STATE> Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens Allowedno limit
    Roosters Allowedno limit
    Permit Requiredno
    Coop Restrictionsdistance only-200 ft from any dwelling or public space
    City/Organization Contact nameCity Assessor/Assistant Zoning - Dawn Thurston
    Additional Information
    Sec. 8-182. - Restrictions on keeping of fowl and birds.
    (a)No person shall keep or house any chicken, duck, goose, turkey, guinea hen, pigeon, or other fowl within 200 feet of any residence, apartment house or commercial building within the city, or within 200 feet of any public street, alley or other public place within the city. Provided, however, that this article shall not apply to homing and carrier pigeons.
    Sec. 8-185. - Determination of distance.permanent link to this piece of content
    In determining the distance that any animal or fowl is kept or housed from a prohibited area, measurement shall be made from the perimeter of the pasture, yard of structure wherein said animal or fowl is confined.
    (Ord. No. 108, § 5, 11-20-1961)
    Sec. 8-186. - Sanitary conditions.permanent link to this piece of content
    All animals or fowl shall be kept and housed in a clean and sanitary manner, free from all rodents or vermin, and all manure, refuse or other litter resulting from their keeping or housing shall be disposed of daily in such a manner as to prevent any nuisance or any unsanitary, odorous or offensive condition.
    No owner or custodian of any animal or fowl shall allow such animal or fowl to soil, defile or defecate on any public property or upon any street, sidewalk, public way, play area, public park, grounds, school grounds, or private property other than that of the owner, unless such owner or custodian shall immediately remove and dispose of all feces deposited by such animal or fowl in any manner permitted by law.
    (Ord. No. 108, § 6, 11-20-1961; Ord. of 7-16-2012)
    Sec. 8-187. - Running at large prohibited.permanent link to this piece of content
    No person shall permit any fowl or animal owned by him or within his charge or possession to run at large in any street, alley or public place within the city, or upon the premises of another unless by permission of the owner or occupant of such premises.
    (Ord. No. 108, § 7, 11-20-1961)
    Sec. 8-188. - Animal running at large deemed public nuisance.permanent link to this piece of content
    Any animal or fowl kept or housed or permitted to run at large in violation of this article shall be deemed a public nuisance, and may be seized by any public safety officer or other employee of the city, and destroyed or otherwise disposed of.

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    Information Last Updated2/4/2013

    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here.

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