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By Kinmera · Jun 11, 2014 · Updated May 6, 2015 ·
  1. Kinmera
    What I have
    SQ Bantam Wyandotte eggs {black cock over white and black hens}
    SQ LF Black Sumatra Eggs
    LF B/B/S American Orpington eggs
    LF White Orpington Eggs
    Mixed Chicken
    LF Black Orpington Cock over Rock Hens
    LF B/B/S Orpington Cock over cinnamon queen and Various other cross bred hens (hens choice)
    LF Splash Orpington Cock over Partridge rock & partridge/white rock cross hensBlue Swedish Drakes over Mixed Duck
    Blue Swedish & Indian Runner Females

    What I'm looking for
    LF Orpington Eggs - Black, Blue, White
    LF Plymouth Rock Eggs - White, Blue, Partridge
    LF Sumatra Eggs - Black / Blue
    Bantam Polish Eggs any colors
    Blue Swedish Ducks
    Ancona duck
    Cayuga ducks

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