Recycled Kitchen Chicken Coop
As a recent college graduate, new teacher, husband, and father of 2 little girls one can imagine that there is not money flowing out of our pockets. After having the idea with my wife of wanting chickens for the past few years it is now a reality. We finally go out of our apartment and were blessed with a house with a big backyard... It was decided, I went out and bought some chicks!
I like to believe that I am pretty handy when it comes to building, remodeling and fixing things. I knew that I could whip up a coop in no time. As I began pricing materials my inner frugality was saying "these are some expensive eggs". I decided that I would start scrounging around for some free materials. While sifting through other peoples junk/burn piles, I saw it. My 84 year old friend and I loaded up a 6 foot kitchen cabinet base and a 2 foot in-cap base into the back of his truck along with some scrap lumber we found.
I was excited to find such a great preassembled