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By Kittikity · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Kittikity
    Since in Florida heat and moisture are big concerns, I'm making the whole area out of wire and pvc pipe.. This will help create lots of air circulation.. In winter I can wrap the whole thing in plastic sheeting if it gets too cold.. (Which it rarely does anymore..) The outside will be t-posts and strong welded wire.. The top will be pvc pipe bent over to create a hoop house top.. The top of the whole thing will be covered with a tarp or something similar..

    The rabbit cages are in the spaces on each side of the walkway and will open into the walkway for easy access.. The 30" X 48" cages on each end will be for does and babies of bigger breeds.. The other cages will be for bucks or smaller breed does and babies.. All the cages will be up on legs so the chickens can scratch around underneath.. The run floors will be covered with hay, especially under the rabbit cages..

    The chicken tractors on the sides will be detachable to move around the yard.. There will be 4 chicken tractors in total.. Two attached to the runs and two out in the yard.. I will rotate which are attached to the run every other day so all chickens get use of the runs and get to travel around the yard..

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