Campos De La Gracia

So here is a little about me.
I am 18 (I feel old!)
I am completely animal crazy. I love just about any kind.
I am excellent at nursing them back to health and fattening them up when they're skinny.
I have 4 dogs of my own and foster stray dogs that come to us whenever needed.
We have around 30 chickens. They are edminishing though. Mareks is sweeping through my flock right now.And dogs seem to like the taste of chicken.
I have one gorgeous Arabian bay gelding who is my best friend. Don't ride, too scared.
I have 1 cat, who is a favorite of the local vet.
I have 2 wonderful parents who are patient and understanding of my animal craziness. Though they are quickly becoming ruined on animals.
We have a medium sized pond on our property, stocked with catfish, bass, and brim. I hate bass, they eat my baby brim.
My other best friend, Angel, is a husky/lab mix who is shorter than normal so she must have something else in her. She is absoluetly gorgeous and loves me to death. She is loyal to the end and is learning new tricks as she gets older. She now gives high fives and shakes your hand. We are working on stay, leave it, and fetch. She shows no interest in fetch however. She knows the word no very well and she hardly ever runs off. She is terrified of cameras, the flash. Camera now means flash which is bad so she hides. She is also terrified of storms, if it rains she hides and hyperventilates, when it thunders and lightninings, she looks like shes going to pass out. However when it drizzles she is perfectly normal. She is also called the canine berometer, since she hides whenever a storm is on its way, sometimes hours before it is even visible. I can now accurately tell if it will rain or not by glancing at the sky and my dog. My Dad always refuses to believe me but hey, I'm sometimes better than the weather man!

I love birds of all kinds. I wish I could have a peacock because they're so pretty. However, my parents refuse to let me get any more animals because we already have more than the checks can provide for. But hey, Jesus always makes a way for all of them to be fed.
I would also much rather to have Koi in my pond rather than bass. However I would keep the catfish and brim since I like watching them eat the floating fish food. But first we would have to cap the pipe that connects to our neighbours pond and also fish out all the bass. I hate bass! And I think there are more coming, I believe I've seen some babies swimming around. I'm not happy about that. Too bad they didn't eat all of their young.
I would love to be a foster parent to both animal and children alike. That seems to be a very big passion in my life. Other than the fact that I am completely in love with my savior Jesus Christ.
I also love to bake, cook, and take care of the house while my parents work.
I am in no hurry to grow up and have my own bills.
I have also learned that credit cards are terrible caniving people in your pocket.
It's better to save and pay in full than to have now and pay later but pay more.
Well, I think that's it for now. I am also working on getting a blog up so that I can post the little things I find out about animals and house keeping.