Instant Cat-proofing of Basic Box and Light Brooder
Who needs a brooder, right? You just use a box and a light. But then we got a cat, so suddenly things had to be different. That's right - suddenly - no time to build stuff. I found some green foam squares designed as clip together matting at my local hardware store. The squares come in four packs, so I got a perforated pack and a plain pack and made them into a cube (the mathematicians among you will know that I have two left-over panels for next time). The usual box and light set-up is inside.

The whole thing.


Corner detail showing clip together foam and cat scratch marks, but please note the cat hasn't got in yet, and mainly sits on top watching "Chick TV" through the holes.


Cat's eye view!
(You are looking through one of the holes in a perforated foam sheet).

The foam squares were $20 NZ per four pack, at Bunnings. The entire cube packs flat when not in use.
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