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kiwijean83's Swap Page

By kiwijean83 · Jan 19, 2014 · Updated Jul 12, 2014 ·
  1. kiwijean83
    Swaps I owe:

    Swaps owed to me:
    2/25/14: 6 Wheaten / Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hatching eggs from aceschix (WYGTS #1295), will ship 4/28/14 upon my request
    3/3/14: 6+ Ancona duck eggs (WYGTS #1370) + 3/9/14: 6+ Ancona duck eggs (WYGTS #1430) to ship in June after fertility is confirmed from peachncrm37, will ship in June or later per my request
    3/8/14: 1 quart jar hot pickles from DraigAthar (WYGTS #1401)

    Swaps sent & cleared:

    1/19/14: Sugar scrub to Chick-Among-Us from What ya got to swap thread *Delivery confirmed 1/23/14*

    1/31/14: 1lb homemade caramels to chiqita. *Delivery confirmed 2/11/14*

    2/16/14: 1lb homemade caramels to Chiqita (will mail 2/18/14) (WYGTS #1233) *Delivery confirmed 2/21/14*

    2/6/14: DraigAthar: see below regarding Duck eggs*** 2/12/14: 1lb homemade caramels to DraigAthar, will send with the side swap duck eggs 2/18/14 *Delivery Confirmed 2/21/14*
    2/17/14: 1lb homemade caramels to caj1985 (will mail 2/18/14) (WYGTS #1246) *Delivery confirmed 2/24/14*
    2/17/14: 1lb + 1lb = 2lb caramels to Jmpeters (will mail as soon as Chiqita clears his swap) (WYGTS #1256) (***also see side swap above, is reason for additional 1lb caramels***) *Delivery confirmed 2/27/14*
    2/25/14: 1lb homemade caramels to boxofpens (WYGTS #1229), *Delivery confirmed 3/8/14*.
    2/28/14: 1lb homemade caramels to Jmpeters (WYGTS #1345), + ***additional 1lb homemade caramels per 2/28 side swap below*** *Delivery confirmed 3/8/14*.
    3/3/14: 1lb homemade caramels to pagumby (WYGTS #1377) *Delivery confirmed 3/19/14*

    3/8/14: 1lb homemade caramels to mikkles (WYGTS # 1393) *Delivery confirmed 3/19/14*

    3/8/14: 1lb homemade honey caramels to learycow (WYGTS #1404) + 1lb homemade salted caramels (WYGTS #1444) *Delivery confirmed 3/22/14*

    3/9/14: 1lb homemade caramels to peachncrm37 (WYTGS #1429) *Delivery confirmed 3/20/14*

    3/8/14: 1lb homemade PB fudge to DraigAthar (WYGTS #1400) + 1lb Orange Creamsicle fudge (WYGTS #1433) + 1lb homemade caramels (WYGTS #1487) to ship (5/8/14)
    *1lb caramels to Chiqita (mailed 5/8/14)

    Swaps received:
    2/22/14: Flowers of Abba - Saintly Salve (WYGTS thread #1245)
    2/24/14: sueblack - (WYGTS thread #1224) - 1,000 live mealworms to be shipped when temp is above 40 degrees. Will message me when the weather is ok.
    2/25/14: rbaker - 1 jar watermelon jam, 1 strawberry jam (1/30/14: Will ship out next Monday due to freezing weather)
    2/25/14: DraigAthar - 6+ (16 total from side swap and this swap) Dominique eggs, to be shipped the week of 2/24 at my request. + 1 quart sundried tomatoes 2/17/14 (WYGTS thread #1232) to be sent w/ eggs from WYGTS thread
    2/26/14: caj1985 - 8 Hens choice eggs (to be shipped to me 2/24/14 per my request) (WYGTS #1253)
    2/26/14: Side swap w/ DraigAthar: 16ish Dominique eggs (including those from the 1/30/14 swap noted above) to be shipped to me the week for 2/24 for 6+ mixed duck eggs to be mailed to her Feb 18th.

    3/12/14: Superfruit tea and 1 chicken saddle (green floral) from mnhomestead (WYGTS #1392)

    3/24/14: 6 Royal Palm eggs from mzstre (WYGTS #1482)
    5/1/14: 6+ hens choice (aiming for royal palm turkey eggs, but if they do not lay well will take jar of garlic confit instead) from chiqita (WYGTS #1341) + 6+ hens choice eggs (WYGTS #1396) (preferably Breese), delay shipping until 4/28/14 upon my request
    ***2/17/14***: Side swap w/ Jmpeters: 6+ Narragansett turkey eggs to be shipped to me 3/24/14 per my request (I shipped an additional 1lb of caramels to Jmpeters along with his 1lb caramels claimed in WYGTS #1256 as soon as I hear from Chiqita to clear his swap = 2lbs caramels total)
    ***2/28/14***: Side Swap w/ Jmpeters: additional 6+ Narragansett turkey eggs (total 12+ eggs) to be shipped to me 3/24/14 per my request (I shipped an additional 1lb of caramels (2lbs total) to Jmpeters along with his 1lb caramels claimed in WYGTS #1345 on 3/3/14).***3/8/14: Jmpeters is going to throw a couple Silver Appleyard Eggs in with the turkey eggs [​IMG]***
    3/9/14: 6+ Basque/Breese eggs (aiming for 6 Basque) from mzstre (WYGTS #1421) (for delivery 5/26/14 per my request)
    3/12/14: 6+ OE eggs for shipment on 5/26 from Penny Hen (WYGTS #1441)

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