This is the beginning of our new family hobby raising some backyard chickens! We got day old chicks from, and were very happy with what we got! We originally got 16 chicks since we were giving some to friends when they got older, and after we rehomed the two roosters we accidentally ended up with, we now have 8 happy hens! They are:
Hermione-partridge cochin
Hedwig-light splash cochin
Luna-blue cochin
Professor McGonagall-barred plymouth rock
Harriet-(for Harry) black australorp
Ronnie-(for Ron) black australorp
Pigwidgeon-black autralorp
Sunny-buff orpington that is my youngest son's personal favorite

This is their home! It is 8X12, and the bottom is actually 2 feet below the soil surface, and completely double wrapped in 1/4" hardware cloth. The sides are covered in 1/2" hardware cloth. The side of the coop completely opens up for easy cleaning, and the deck is a nice place to sit and watch the chickens, and makes the coop doors more accessible for me. The roof is a regular roof, just like on the house and shed. I have 3 nest boxes on one side of the coop doors, so all we have to do is open it up. They seem very happy here, and as you can see we live in the woods so predator protection was a huge concern for us. There is a ridgevent on each roof, and the pop door at the top of the ladder is always open. There are also vents on each end of the coop, and the airflow is so good, that when the weather is really hot here in NC, the chickens actually go into the coop to cool off.


Our chickies!