Kluckels Peeps

By kluckel · Jul 19, 2012 ·
  1. kluckel
    Describe 'Kluckel's peeps!' here

    I have the cutest chicks(4).....I have no idea each of them are. The bigger one's name is Hazel she is about 4weeks old and is a beautiful brownish rust color.The other 3 chicks are about 3 weeks old. [​IMG]

    Kukla which means doll in greek...she is a yellowish white. Then there is muneca which means pretty little girl in spanish...she is blk with some white. And finally there is Poupee which is doll in french...she id black with some beige and white.
    Not a great picture but, I will upload more once I get some better ones. They are waiting for their new chicken coop....
    Any identifying information you can give me is much appreciated.
    I just love them.

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