Hello there! My Names Amanda But alot call me Kali,
I live in Milford Connecticut and My first flock has been a disaster.
My first five are now all gone, 1 accident, 1 sudden unexsplained death, 2 killed by animals, and the last had a brain tumor... surprisingly she lasted the longest just passed away in september.
Mixed in with them were 2 babys i had gotten a year into it but they were also killed by an animal.

So my Luck has not been too good... but everyone has to start off somewhere.
Unfortunatly my mom HATES the fact that i got my pets and wont help me at all.
So my pen was built by me, i get the food and set up anything my, now, one baby needs.

My last Duckies is Squiggles. a Khaki Campbell Duck who was born June 20th. I hatched him, my first hatch and my mom wont let me get him a companion ):

I'm 19 and i've gone to college but have decided to get a job for a semester and then go back to school. Because to take care of my squigs i only get $50 every 2 weeks.

But I'll make it. i love my Baby and he's very important to me!