I got my first 5 chickens in July when my friend came for a visit. I am so so excited about getting and feeding my kids eggs from the back yard. Then I got one more that should lay any day now. I got her with the thought that she would show the others and they would want to.....I know it's silly but worth a try.

I don't even know what kind they are I just went to the chicken place and got a few here and there. I met this little girl who said she would give me a few of her chicks. So maybe next week I will have a few more. My dad made my house for me and here are some pics of it.
Here are the nesting boxes. After taking a look at all the other nesting boxes I can see that these will be super hard to keep clean but I still think it's cool after all my dad did build it for me.

The coop itself is just a dog kennel. It's wrapped in chicken wire from the bottom to the middle and then on the top.
The entire thing was put on skids so we can move it around the yard. Something I didn't know was how much they liked the grass. So I got plenty of that for them.

From inside the palace.