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  1. Kona*Chicken*Ohana
    Welcome to Kona*Chicken*Ohana's Coop Page

    We just finished our coop. The yard needs a little work now and we still have
    to put up some chicken wire or plastic netting on the fence surrounding the yard.
    We got lots of ideas from this website and I loved pouring over all of the pictures.
    So much great information!

    The Chicken Mansion
    It all started when I got the Costco Connection magazine in the mail. On the
    front cover was the CEO of Foster Farms. The article was all about chickens
    and how the business got started, etc. Then I noticed that the neighbor up
    the street was selling "farm fresh brown eggs" from their chickens. I
    thought hmmm...it might be kind of neat to have our own hens and have fresh eggs.
    Maybe the kids could even sell the extra eggs at their lemonade stand.
    I mentioned it to my husband and he thought it was interesting, but in actuality he
    was really thinking "how much will this cost me in time, energy, and money". He
    told me just the other day that he procrastinated in starting the coop to see if
    my interest would wane. But the more I researched chickens and read about
    the fun and interesting experiences others were having with their chickens,
    the interest just grew. So out came the pencil, graph paper and while the
    plans were drawn out the list of baby chick names grew and we were on our way....
    Here's the progression of our project.
    I had everything drawn out on graph paper but my husband had his own plan in mind.
    I wanted it to be 12'x6' but in the end it turned out just about how I had envisioned

    it with a few different/extra things added. The dimensions are 12'x 4'x 8'(the
    walls are 8', not including the roof height). I didn't expect it to be so tall, but
    it's really nice to walk into it and have plenty of space.
    We used treated 2x6 lumber for the bottom framework
    2x4 construction for the walls
    3/4" plywood for the coop floor
    1/2" plywood for the nesting box side walls, 3/4" plywood for the base of nesting box
    Roofing is done and siding is being put on.
    Nesting box doors... I originally wanted them to be horizontal and drop down
    but we revised that plan so that our kids could reach in for the eggs more easily.
    Little half circle ventilation window, covered in 1/2" hardware cloth. We still
    have to put the chain on so we can prop it open.
    Window for ventilation, opening covered with 1/2" hardware cloth. It will most
    likely stay open since the climate is warm year-round.
    All primed and ready for final exterior paint.
    Screen door is in.
    Little chicken door. There will be a ramp leading up to it and a latch to close them in at night.
    Hardware cloth is installed.
    The feeder and waterer will hang underneath here.
    Human access to coop for easy cleaning. We are planning on either using vinyl flooring
    or left over tile we have to cover the floor so we can hose it out when necessary.

    My husband found these containers on clearance. With a little tweaking they will
    be easy-to-clean nesting boxes.
    With a few final touches we will be ready for the chicks to arrive. They are on
    order and are to be shipped on September 22nd. We are really excited!!!

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Cyprus
    "Nice and tall!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jun 28, 2018
    Great use of verticle space! Overall, your build is very good and I love how it looks. From a space standpoint, I would add a little more space to it. The space of this coop is good for 4 standard sized birds so anyone who is going to use this design for a larger number of birds should increase the floor space.
    Additionally, I would increase the ventilation. A window on the opposite wall would help with air flow.


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  1. Sam3 Abq
    Very nice - how are roosting poles handled in the coop? Like this alot.
  2. jakesbigpapa
    It's looking great! I like the nesting box extension. I'm working on my first coop right now, in preparation for my first flock, and I think I'm going to "borrow" the general idea of the nesting box extension. Thanks.

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