Just a little bit about us..........
Our flock started off as 12 chicks who were to be throw-aways at Tractor Supply because they'd gotten wet. My husband being the soft-hearted guy that he is brought them home and we became chicken farmers.... A year later while at work I noticed a hen cruising by with her small brood through town (small town, backstreets) and found out that they'd been left behind by whomever. I could see the flock being picked off one by one by predators and when the babies walked by without mom one day I knew they needed help. My hubby caught them and brought them home........This was 4 years ago? We now have over 200+ birds, mainly game birds. They're beautiful! So many different colors!! at least 2 dozen eggs a day and that's what we can find and I now know the definition of broody! We have a batch o'babies in the bathroom heat-tote more often than not.
I now know more about chickens than I ever thought I wanted to.
Thanks for reading!
Kat........the tollerant wife to Mr. Chicken Man, Rodney