- Cornish Rock Cross CockerelsDay 1
The Brooding pen is ready for babies! After I gave them their first drink I picked 20 to visit my son's 3rd Grade class.

The kids spent about an hour touching the babies. They asked great questions. I wanted to make this page to they can see how much the babies change over the next few weeks. See you back soon!

Do they look any bigger? The heat lamp is turned off in the afternoon because it is *so hot* and they don't like that! Maybe next week they will be big enough for an adventure in one of my gardens. They love bugs and digging in the mulch or dirt.Now they are .one week old

My 14 year old is holding them here. They are so curious and fun to snuggle - but they poop on us now!
Remember day 1? Here are a few potos from that day to compare to how big they are now. They have grown so much, but only have a bit of their wing feathers in. They aren't so adorable right now, and they will look worse before it gets better! Today I opened the side of the coop and if they wanted, they could jump our and explore the garage. Our cats have learned to ignore our chickens, and our Lab just wants to be close to us. We still keep a close eye on them.They will be on wednesday.2 weeks old

- ready to be outside in the Hoop CoopWEEK 3

All our other hens had to come check out the little boys. We change the tarps with the weather, so they get sunlight and a breeze.
See how their feathers are growing in on their wings and chest?
We have to move the coop every day because they surely aren't potty trained!

This is what the chicks will look like in about when we take them to the county fair8 weeks .