Kristin's Chickens: The Barred Rocks

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  1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    NOTE: This page contains all my barred rocks except Freema, who has her own page here.

    The Barred Rocks of Generation 6

    I had wanted barred Plymouth Rocks since I first laid eyes on a picture of one. I thought they were so attractive with their bold stripes of black and white, their shapey figure, and their classic barnyard appearance. I wanted them so badly, and so we were certain to find some in 2011.

    Barred rocks quickly made themselves one of my favorite breeds. They were friendly from early on, always flying onto my lap or my arms and filling me in on the latest gossip. I found their feathers so breathtaking as they came in, amazed that they could produce actual stripes as they did. The only breed I can actually say I like more is my Dorkings!

    Debra Jo

    Debra Jo, the girl with the attitude! I always say she's got so much personality, she needed two names! This girl is so special, she even has her own form of the stink-eye: the Debra Jo diva look!


    Debra Jo is a very calm, matronly hen. She keeps to herself unless there is a human available for attention. When someone is in her way getting to said attention, she just gives them a look--and that's all it takes for them to make way!


    Debra Jo loves to eat snow. (It makes a nice rhyme, too.)


    Debra Jo is not the highest ranking hen, but definitely among the highest ranking. She is so tough, she even grew in spurs! All hail Queen Debra Jo!



    My little worrier, Kate always has a look of concern on her face.


    Kate was such a worrier, she wouldn't even let me touch her until she started squatting. She doesn't take many pictures because of her skittishness.

    Here she is, worrying about how well we put together this enclosure for the Guinea fowl:


    Katykins will squat and let me pet her, but afterwards, she shakes out her feathers over and over again for a good few minutes. I guess she's showing me how indignant she is about it!


    Kate is rather reserved, but will come to me for attention, and she'll even hop into my lap if I'm sitting and snuggle right up next to me!


    Precious Diana fell victim to a predator on the evening of May 23, 2015. She was found alive, but so badly wounded that she could not be saved. I'm so sorry I couldn't help her. She was my pushy, pushy, pushy girl and such a camera hog. She will be dearly missed...

    May 11, 2011 - May 23, 2015





    Cricket was my perpetual stink-eye bird. She loved camping and would always beg to come into the tent when we had it up. Cricket always had the worst molts, and in the end that is what did her in. I will always miss seeing her little face peering into the window of the tent, always with that sort of scowl she had. Rest in peace, my dear Cricket.


    May 11, 2011 - December 7, 2013


    To sum it up...
    names: Debra Jo and Kate
    sex: female
    hatch date: May 11, 2011
    breed: Barred Plymouth Rock
    egg color: Pinkish-tan

    Thanks for reading! :frow

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  1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    Thank you. All of my girls are different personality-wise, but the barred rocks vary so much that it's much more obvious with them.
  2. Chickenfan4life
    The barred rocks are so neat; I love the way they are all different, personality-wise. :)
  3. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    Considering how much we paid per chick, plus the free one that was added for the trouble, and how much they usually charge to ship chicks from hatcheries, I don't think we got off that worse for the wear in this ordeal.
    Sounds like you've got a real character on your hands with that Rock of yours. Hope she's still doing well!
    (I know that was posted a long while ago, but I happened to be checking my pages today and notice it.)
  4. capsicum
    Oh, my current Barred Rock(18 weeks, old not squating yet) is rather bossy, always tries to get had fed treats even with all the others eating right next to her she will jump to peck at the food hand, doesn't run away from people, will come barging in the house if the screen is left open.
  5. capsicum
    So you got one extra chick for an extra $65 in fuel? (assuming 30mpg and 60mph, 4hour round trip x 2 and $4/gal gas) I hope you were able to combine the trips with other errands.

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