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    I am no longer updating this page. For more about Rosie, check out this page: The Bantam Flock!

    The Golden Sebrights

    The golden Sebrights of my flock have a much happier history than their silver counterparts. They were bought at the same swap meet location, a year before the silver Sebrights, from a man who genuinely seemed to care for the birds he was selling. I was not there once again, but my mom says he was gentle and talked to the birds as he moved them from his cage to ours.

    The golden Sebrights were easily added to the flock and soon found their place in the pecking order. I named them, in my Doctor Who fetish, after some of the Doctor's companions. They quickly defied their namesakes, but I didn't mind. Their names are fitting all the same.

    So we ended up with bold and feisty Rose, quiet and quirky Amy, and sweet but sassy Martha. In spring of 2012, we lost Martha suddenly. Amy passed away on March 23, 2014, appearing to have fallen oddly and broken her neck. Poor Rosie is my last Golden Sebright...


    Rose is a little spitfire. There are even some of the large fowl in my flock that won't mess with her.


    She isn't afraid to share her feelings on things.


    Rosie is a broody. Rosie spends more of her time brooding than not. She'll even brood in my egg-collecting bucket if I won't let her brood anywhere else.


    When she's not brooding, she's running around on her little legs, wherever she wants to go.


    Rosie takes nesting very seriously, even when she isn't brooding.




    Oh, my precious Amy... :hit I will miss this little darling.

    Late 2009 to March 23, 2014

    My darling Martha and Amy playing:


    To sum it up...

    names: Rose and Amy
    sex: both female
    age: about 4 years old (born late 2009)
    breed: Golden Sebrights
    egg color: Tinted white

    Thanks for reading! :frow

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  1. pipdzipdnreadytogo
    Nope, never heard of Insanity Workout. It's just something I came up with to help describe the insane bantam phenomenon. XD
  2. Chickenfan4life
    The "Insanity Partner' part made me crack up. Is that name, by chance, derived from the 'Insanity Workout'?
  3. Chickengirl47
    Rosie has little bit more golden feathers then Amy. I have a Plymouth Rock Pullet named Amy! I love the name Amy!
  4. Chickengirl47
    Awwww, they are so pretty!
    After reading this, I want Golden Sebrights!!!

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