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By krstms · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 2, 2013 · ·
  1. krstms
    Things I owe WYGS
    6 BBS LF Ameraucana eggs- rbaker-mailed conf # 9505510439433073429464
    8+ OE eggs- silkie sensation-mailed conf # 9505510439433073428641

    Things owed to me- WYGS
    Sred98- Heart pan- 8\1\12
    Sred98- silicone rose pans- 7\25\12
    FarmerChef- wire basket-3-31-13

    Things I owe for paypal/hatching eggs swap

    Things owed to me for paypal/hatching eggs swap

    3\2\2013- 4 Royal PalM Turkey eggs- KYTinpusher

    Side Swaps owed to me

    Side Swaps I owe

    * If I have missed anything please let me know

    Things I have to swap

    6 month gfm or
    Baked Goods like these cookies(can make just about any kind) or 1 loaf of zuchinni, banana, or pumpkin bread.

    Or 5 wild simulated ginseng transplanting rootlets. (from our farm) ( only from Sept. 1 thru- Dec. 31 )

    Or 8 Goldenseal Rhizomes

    Or 6 BBS Bantam Ameraucana eggs

    Or 6 BBS LF Ameraucana eggs

    Free ranging I have 1 Black am roo over 2 black am hens, 2 blue am hens, , 2 Black andalusian hens, 2 BCM hens, 1 OE and 1 white rock hen.

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  1. chochie
    I am interested in your bbs lf ameraucana eggs are you looking for anything inparticular for swap?
  2. krstms
    I'm not sure. What kinds of things do you have to swap? Any eggs?

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