This page is a work in progress as I figure out how to add things. Check back if you are interested.
A little about me: fairly new to having chickens...I am a vegetarian, so they are strictly pets...and wonderful egg machines...I live on a 400+ acre farm in Central Virginia, so winters aren't so bad as for some of you who battle frigid temps and heavy snows...we are lucky to even get any snow in any given year. I also have horses, dogs and cats.
I will work on posting pics as soon as I figure out how!
I have 13 total chickies. One is a rooster that hopefully will soon have a new home. He was suppose to be a she, but you know how that goes sometimes.
I would like to even have a blog on here, if I can find the time to write every other day or so.
BTW, I'm Kim.....more to come...........
New Year's Day...sad news as my only SLW hen was killed by a hawk today. I was eating my breakfast and my daughter went out to collect eggs and she came back in to tell me the horrible news. The remaining 12 are in the coop for now, but I will be getting some netting to cover the yard. It's a HUGE I'm not sure how to afford the netting, but I will figure out something.....
Long time no writing...bad Kim.... :-(

24 January...worked on making a small yard that I could cover that is within the larger least it's a start. It's only about 13 x 22, but they can at least be outside when I'm not there to let them out in the larger part of the yard...need to get a door for access from the inside of the coop...possibly tomorrow...cover it as well...I had someone give me tree netting...It should work...??