KsKingBee's Peafowl

By KsKingBee · Jun 13, 2016 · ·
  1. KsKingBee
    Here is a picture of a Spaulding Purple Black Shoulder cock that came from Deerman (s), RIP stock. Such a beautiful bird and friendly as can be. Here he is with one of his harem, SweePea, a two-year-old Purple hen.


    Here he is in February when his train is almost finished growing back in.


    He is a proud daddy and has many offspring every year.

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  1. RodNTN
    Beautiful! He's so handsome!
  2. BoomChickaPop
    Beautiful peacocks
    Could you tell me what they are like?
    I have heard that they are mean? and poop everywhere lol

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