Kuini's Castle

By Chickybok · Aug 18, 2016 · ·
  1. Chickybok
    This could be the greatest chicken run of all time! We got a new puppy, and the new puppy quite liked the chickens. Not in a malicious way, but she wanted to play with them. And dogs are dogs at the end of the day so I didn't want to risk puppy getting over friendly with the chickens. Cue project "New Chicken Run".......

    Hope the girls are happy! They free range when the puppy goes to doggy day care :)

    This is the old run.... just Omlet fencing and netting to keep the pigeons out.....

    Stage one.... build the framework.....

    We added an extra metre onto the width.....


    Spot the parkour chicken!

    The wire is now on the sides.... not long now.....

    Roof going on....


    Completed! Wire mesh enclosing the whole run. Totally puppy-proof and bird proof yay.

    The older girls (black and white chooks) are slowly bonding with the newbies (brown chooks)

    This is our special little lady. Kuini (which means Queen). Crooked beak but eats and drinks just fine
    and doesn't get picked on by the others. She's quite brave. I think she'll be boss one day!

    Trying out the new jungle gym.......

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  1. lovechicks1293
    That looks AWESOME!
  2. 8MerryHens
    Lot's of work but looks like your chickens are happy and puppy proof! Nice job.
  3. Stumpy
    What a wonderful run!
  4. Whittni
    Nice setup.

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