L.L Farm is a small farm located in Central Maine. We raise our own beef, pork and chicken. We also have our own milk from our Milk cow and Dairy Goat. Our goat is a Nubian, and all of the cows we raise are Holstien. We currently have 2 horses on the farm, Flame who is an 11 year old grey Appendix Quarter Horse, and her 2 year old filly Gracie who is a appendix/saddlebred cross. We are looking forward to welcoming another foal from Flame in Spring of 2013. For chickens, right now for our meat birds we raise Cornish crosses, and for eggs we have a mixed flock of Barred Rocks, Senxlinks, Rhode Island Reds, and Buff Orpington. We also have 7 Old English Bantams that are our "barn chickens". These guys just basically forage around the farm and do there own thing. I am currently looking forward to starting my own personal flock of B/B/S Orpingtons and possible Lavender orpingtons, since they are my favorite breed. I will have a batch or 24 eggs going into the incubator in a few days, and they are B/B/S & Lav. Orps.

Once my pen is eventually started and I'm getting good hatches and fertility rates from the eggs, I will start selling the eggs and chicks locally.

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