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By La Banan · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Hi, my name is Jan and I live in Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia. We live in a four season part of the world where spring is long and wet and falls are warm and wonderful. I got my second set of chickens August 1st, 2008 and they spent their early youth in my former study in a brooder I made out of a rubbermaid container. I have twelve chicks - one Columbian, three Barred Rocks, three Golden Laced Wyandottes, two Rhode Island Reds and three speckled Sussex. I hope to get six hens out of them...
    This is Dearie - she's turned out so pretty - least I hope she's a she...hmm.... dearone.jpg
    update since this was written - I have, of course, different chicks than I thought - four Rhode Island Reds that appear to be all gals, two golden-laced wyandottes that I think boo hoo are boys, one gorgeous black one that may be an australorpe (sp) and I think is a gal, one columbian white who is a rooster, three barred rocks - again I fear all guys and Dearie who still seems to be a gal and seems to be a cross between a speckled sussex and a golden-laced w. ah...

    my first flock was about 25 years ago when I lived on Lacey Mines Rd., Chester Basin, NS - we called it Lazy Minds Rd. and we were a bunch of bush hippies having a back to the land experience. I got 12 RIR's and named them after all the women on Another World or as it was called in rural Nova Scotia in those days (with great reverence!) The Story. I had a good time with them but got them as pullets so had no idea what I was in for (as for so many things back then). I think when I lost a couple of them that I actually believed they had gone into the forest to live on their own. hmmm...I don't feel like I was that dumb. I do know that they taught me to meditate in that dusty little hen house. Sit quietly and you could hear them brrrup...brrup...

    This is a photo of my great -great grandparents - Mary and Andrew Morrison holding some a dadsgreats-1.jpg soddy in Manitoba a long long time ago.

    My very first experience of chickens was at my Aunt Grace's farm near Souris, Manitoba. She and my Uncle Cliff had a chicken farm. They had hundreds of chickens and my aunt had a candling shed. She let me do anything and everything there. I loved it. My sister and I would sit in the grain house and eat up bits of chicken feed - we thought it quite lovely. Heck it probably was quite lovely - way before they add what they do nowadays.

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