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    La Fleche
    Black Created by Long Horn Poultry Farm
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    The La Fleche is an old French breed that originated in the Valley of La Sarthe, were the town of La Fleche is located. They have been bred there for a long period of time and has been known since the fifteenth century, but it is believed to be much older. The La Fleche breed originated from crossing of Black Spanish -Creveecoeur - Du Mans blood lines is evident by its high carriage, activity, large white ear-lobes, V-shaped comb, and the trace of crest on head, which crops out on specimens of the French breeds.In general appearance the La Fleche is a tall, Spanish-looking fowl, though not now bred quite so tall and upright as formerly. The Black La Fleche breed was admitted to the Standard in 1874. They are a general purpose fowl for the production of meat and eggs. Color of skin, white; color of egg shells white. The La Fleche is sometimes called the devil bird because of its black plumage and upright, V-shaped comb that takes the appearance of horns. The Black La Fleche is one of the most unusual breeds of poultry.





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    My Black La Fleche chicks at 2 days old.​

    F - 002-1-10 La Fleche female at 5 months old.​

    M - 002-2-10 La Fleche male at 5 months old.​

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