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Hello. My name is Amanda B. & I'm a chicken addict....
I live in NW Louisiana with 2 kids
, a small but growing flock of chickies, a dog, a cat, & a few giant goldfish. I started out like so many other innocent victims...lured into a feed store by the "CHICKS ARE HERE!" sign, just wanting to see a few cute easter fuzzies a couple of years ago...That's how I got the chicken fever. I have 2 blue-egg layers (let's avoid the Americauna/EE debate!), a Black Austrolorp, an Ideal 236, & a blue Cochin rooster. Now we've branched out into the Bantam scene with some little Cochins, Silkies, & a couple of feather-footed "mystery chicks" ...I enjoy reading the posts & hope to learn more, & maybe even get to help out some newly-afflicted members one day! :eek:P