How it all began....
It all started with a simple trip to our local feedstore. They just happened to be having a chicken swap that day and of course my husband and I had to check it out. We ended up leaving with a couple of turkey poults, some guineas, four houdans, and two tiny little bantam mottled cochins. Before that innocent trip to the feedstore, our barnyard flock consisted of one ancient RIR rooster we had found wandering down the side of the road and two equally ancient Black Sexlink hens we had purchased to keep him company. What started out as us running through the woods on a rainy day to give a wandering rooster a home somehow turned into a full blown obsession.
Mille Fleur Bantam Cochin Project
I started my project from eggs I purchased from what I consider to be one of the best breeders out there, Lynne ( wwmicasa1 ) of Wingshadows Hacienda. I originally purchased a dozen eggs and had what I believe to be an exceptional hatch rate considering the eggs had to travel 3,000 miles to get here. Out of the 12, I hatched five beautiful babies which would grow into three stunning roosters and two beautiful hens. After that I ended up ordering eggs from various other breeders but I had low hatch rates and high chick loss. Out of that venture, I ended up with no chicks to show for it. After that I decided to try buying started birds. I once again went back to Lynne, this time ordering 3 four month old hens. I was more than pleased with my results. All three hens arrived safe and sound and in wonderful condition. I was so pleased that I recently decided to do it again, this time purchasing four hens, who also arrived in perfect condition. I now have a great start to a MF Cochin Project which now includes 3 MF Roosters, 9 MF hens, 2 mottled hens, and one Blue hen.
Le Fleur










My Newest Additions from Lynne
( currently unnamed )

2010 MF Chicks

I also currently own Bantam Cochins in black, white, and Birchen in smooth and frizzle, buff, cuckoo, blue cuckoo, partridge, ghost partridge, mottled, blue, and blue splash.