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By LabMama · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LabMama
    Hey Yall!!! Im new to BYC, but I love it. Everyone is so friendly & helpful. This spring I got my first chicks..I wanted chicken so came home & the husband surprised me with 6 chicks. I said "what kind are they", he replied " um, I dunno I didnt look I just know they will be white" I get all attached...turns out I think there Cornish rocks & I have to kill them :(....AHHH!!!! & as if 6 hungry chickens were enough I got ducklings 2 Mallards, 1 Khaki Campbell, 1 Peking ( can you say MESSY! & we have two labs! I have my hands full but I love them all & would love to convince my husband to let me get more!
    My mystery chickens.

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