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By Lacy Blues · Jul 24, 2012 · Updated Dec 3, 2012 · ·
  1. Lacy Blues
    Swaps I owe: Ginger free pumpkin bread to Reese Poultry

    Swaps owed to me: mealworms from bnewn

    Side swaps I owe: Delaware hatching eggs to happyhens120 in the fall. Waiting til spring, per her request.

    Side swaps owed to me:

    Right now I have 3 purple bags, 8 yellow bags, and 7 racehorse oat bags available. [​IMG]

    Following are close-ups of the pictures on the bags.




    I have one potential kitty tote. This is not a small bag. It measures 15" x 26" with the gussets folded in.


    I have two of these available.


    A summery tank with spaghetti straps and nice crochet trim with beads. Size S/C (?) Small, I believe. Never worn.



    6 Hatchery quality Delaware eggs in the spring.

    6 Buckeye hatching eggs in the spring.

    6 Buckeye/Marans (silver wheaton) hatching eggs in the spring.


    Contact pigeonguy in the spring for dandelion seeds.
    Read this thread:

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  1. Chasity
    I would love to have
    6 Hatchery quality Delaware eggs in the fall.
    But I don't know what you would like to have???

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