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By Cetawin · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Cetawin
    In March 2010, we moved the Menagerie from Southern Oregon to Northern Kentucky via two U-Hauls including 2 dogs, 19 beloved chickens and 11 ducks. What a trip! Snowstorms, blizzards, white outs and 48+ hour trip took nearly 7 days. But we arrived safely to our new home.[​IMG]


    We stopped every 4 hours to check water and food and give them some attention. They had battery operated fans for air circulation and tons of extra straw (in the garbage bags above center ducks) for clean ups and warmth at night. They did fabulous! On the road when we got snowed in here and there, the u-haul door was opened and allowed to stay open about an inch or so for constant airflow and they were right outside our hotel room.


    And I had my precious Thor back there so needless to say he was under watchful eye all night, especially in the AM when he began crowing. hahahaha

    We all arrived and settled into our new home in Kentucky, the birds were loving it...all the green grass, open yard with plenty of outdoor time under my watchful eye. Happy chickens were afoot!

    ******MORE TO COME******

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  1. Brandi Leigh
    Love the grazing photo! What a colorful group!
  2. Whittni
    Great Story.
  3. LoriL
    Such a beautiful, peaceful spot for grazing! Lovely birds.

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