Lake Norman Coop De Ville Waterer and Feeder

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  1. emarketwiz
    Lake Norman Coop De Ville Water System and Feeder

    Part of our goal when we designed our coop was to have feeding and watering systems that didn't require daily maintenance so that if we wanted or had to go away for a weekend the girls would have plenty of food and fresh water and we wouldn't have to rely on friends and neighbors.

    We got great ideas from several coop designs we reviewed and here's what we came up with.


    The Feeder

    For the Food System I ordered a trigger from We wanted a single trigger system and here is my original design. It consists of a 5 quart bucket that I bought at Ace Hardware. 1" X 4" boards for the base, a piece of 5/8" plywood for the bucket shelf and 1" X 2" strips for the supports and bucket trim. I drilled a 1.5" hole in the center of the plywood piece and a .75" hole on the center of the bucket where I inserted the trigger. The food drops into a 12" terra cotta planter base. The height from platter base to bucket shelf bottom is approximately 12" as well. We tried to find a height that discouraged the girls from sitting in the base. The girls took to it in less than 15 minutes.




    The bucket we originally used had to be replaced because the lid was very hard to get on and off to replace food and it eventually broke off the rim of the bucket. It was replaced by another type of 5 Quart bucket from Ace Hardware which has worked great for some time. We also stained the feeder white to match the coop.



    Made a couple of modifications to the feeder. I had a problem with a couple of the girls getting on top of the feeder bucket. I took some of the leftover hardware cloth and fashioned a ring that fits over the bucket with a piece of threaded rod, two nuts and washers. That fixed that problem I also had to increase the diameter of the hole in bottom of the bucket from 3/4" to 1" since we changed from pellets to Countryside Organic Feed.

    [​IMG] :)

    The Watering System

    This system consists of a 2 gallon bucket, a thru fitting which we bought at tractor supply, plywood base, 2 L brackets, 1/2 inch PVC pipe, valve and fittings, stainless nipples and PVC T's that fit the nipples from FarmTek. I drilled a 2.5" hole in the center of the plywood piece which I cut on one side to match the round bucket and square where it meets the wall of the coop. I cut a hole in the center bottom of the bucket and installed the thru fitting. I then put together the various PVC pipe and fittings using PVC glue which I let cure for 24 hours before installing in the coop. The nipples are approximately 18" off of the sand. Our girls are full size Hy-Line Browns. Here is the finished product which the girls took to immediately:


    This system has worked great since day one and I only have to refill water every 3 or 4 days. My next project is to add a bird fountain heater for the winter.

    Thanks for taking the time to view this article and please let me know if you have questions regarding the construction of these two systems.

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  1. Bs Peeps
    Just ordered my feeder trigger. :)
  2. Bs Peeps
    I see you are using sand in your run. what type? My main resource suggests 'washed construction sand' but that's not so easy to obtain.
    your feeder is by far the simplest and closest to being predator proof. thanks for sharing.
  3. Hollandfound
    I love this dea. How do you clean the water bucket?
  4. WhiteLeghorn2
    Beautiful coop! I love the white wood, and it looks great the river in the background. Absolutely stunning.
  5. teneyck farms
  6. WindStep
    I have those water tip things and I don't use them in the winter.
  7. chicNlove
    How do you keep this from freezing in the winter?
  8. emarketwiz
    Eggs in a Jar, I'll have to measure them again since I can;t seem to find my notes. The nipples are the threaded type from Farm Tek with their PVC T's which is not a size that is carried by Lowe's or Home Depot.
  9. Eggs in a Jar
    Oh by the way...what is the size of the plywood top and the length of the 1x4's and 1x2's if you don't mind sharing that info? Thanks again.
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  10. Eggs in a Jar
    Nice set up. I have just been emailing back and forth with the folks in the UK who offer the triggers. I plan to go ahead and order a couple of them. Not sure if there is any way for them to fail. I like how you set yours up and that will give me some ideas of how to set mine up. I'm trying to keep my coop and run looking halfway decent since I look out my kitchen window at it all the time. I have ordered some of the watering nipples also from ebay and not sure how I will set that part of it up yet. Thanks for sharing and all your help.
  11. donsmit5
    You know you can put a aquarium heater that is for a 5 gallon aquarium during the winter.
  12. Stang65fst
  13. birdbrain1948
    Great ideas!
  14. langshanlover
    I love this idea, thanks.
  15. Chickenfan4life
  16. emarketwiz
    I am planning on adding a bird bath heater when it gets colder here. Thanks for your comments!
  17. Red Barn Farms
    That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Mountain Momma
    Do the water tips freeze easier in the cold weather? I like how clean it is but we are in Colorado so....we have had snow already.
  19. Ullie
    very nice, and looks like a nice coop too

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