I have been wanting chickens for a very long time now. Back when my kids were growing up, I thought it would be so nice to raise chickens, and have fresh eggs every day, as well as teaching the kids the responsibility of taking care of them. Believe it or not, my mom convinced my husband that they were dirty and smelly, so that never happened. (although now she denies that! :)
My life has changed much since then, the kids are grown and gone, we live on an apple farm, and in the past year I have changed to a greener, more organic lifestyle. Recently, husband and I watched Food, Inc. and that was the deciding factor. I wanted to eat food that was raised in a healthier, more humane manner that what comes out of the grocery store. Thought we'd start with just a few laying hens, but we have decided to grow meat chickens as well, since we are big chicken eaters. We're working on the coop right now, am very excited!
Mom to 5 children- 4 girls ages 30, 27, 26, and 24. One son age 21. 7 grandchildren, ages 3 weeks to 8. We also have 2 golden retrievers who are my best "fur" friends, Bonnie and Bear. They are 2 months apart in age, and are 2 1/2 years old. We live on an apple farm in a big, old farmhouse with lots of room to roam. I also love sewing, quilting, crafts, reading, genealogy, gardening, being outside, and spending time with my family.