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Lakewood A Ohio Chicken Ordinance

By LarryPQ, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. LarryPQ
    Lakewood-A Ohio Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationNo
    Max Chickens Allowed
    Roosters AllowedNo
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop Restrictions
    City/Organization Contact name
    Additional Information505.18 CERTAIN ANIMALS PROHIBITED. (a) No person shall knowingly keep, maintain or have in his possession or under his control within the City any dangerous or carnivorous wild animal or reptile, any vicious domesticated animal, or any other animal or reptile, with vicious or dangerous propensities, except to the extent that an exemption may be applicable pursuant to subsections (c) or (d) hereof. (b) For the purposes of this section, there shall be an irrebuttable presumption, that, when kept or maintained within the City, the animals listed below are considered dangerous animals to which the prohibition of subsection (a) hereof, in the absence of an exemption pursuant to subsections (c) or (d) hereof, applies: (1) All crotalid, elapid and venomous colubroid snakes; (2) Apes; Chimpanzees (Pan); gibbons (hylobates); gorillas (Gorilla); orangutans (Pongo); and siamangs (Symphalangus); (3) Baboons (Papoi, Manrillus); (4) Bears (Ursidae); (5) Bison (Bison); (6) Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus); (7) Crocodilians (Crocodilia); (8) Constrictor snakes when fourteen feet in length or more; (9) Coyotes (Canis latrans); (10) Deer (Cervidae), includes all members of the deer family, for example, white-tailed deer, elk, antelope and moose; (11) Elephants (Elephas and Loxodonta); (12) Foxes (Canis vulpes); (13) Gamecocks and other fighting birds; (14) Hippopotami (Hippopotamidae); (15) Hyenas (Hyaenidae); . (16) Jaguars (Panthera onca); (17) Leopards (Panthera pardus); (18) Lions (Panthera leo); (19) Lynxes (Lynx); (20) Monkeys, old world (Cercopithecidae); (21) Ostriches (Struthio); (22) Piranha fish (Characidae); (23) Puma (Felis concolor), also known as cougars, mountain lions and panthers; (24) Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae); (25) Sharks (class Chondrichthyes); (26) Snow leopards (Panthera uncia); (27) Swine (Suidae), including Pot-bellied pigs; (28) Tigers (Panthera tigris); (29) Wolves (Canis lupus), including wolf hybrids; (30) All game birds, water fowl, chickens and roosters. (c) Licensed pet shops, menageries, zoological gardens, and circuses shall be exempt from the provisions of subsections (a) and (b) hereof if all of the following conditions are applicable: (1) The location conforms to the provisions of the City Zoning Code; (2) All animals and animal quarters are kept in a clean and sanitary condition and so maintained as to eliminate objectionable odors; (3) Animals are maintained in quarters so constructed as to prevent their escape; and (4) No person resides within fifty feet of the quarters in which the animals are kept. (d) Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, the Director of Public Safety may grant a specific exemption, on a temporary or permanent basis, from any of the provisions of this section to any person with a legitimate scientific, educational, commercial or other purpose for maintaining the prohibited animals, in accordance with the following provisions: (1) Written application for exemption shall be filed by any person desiring to obtain an exemption with the Director of Public Safety. The application shall state the applicant\\\'s name, address, type and number of animals desired to be kept, general purpose for which the animals will be kept, and a general description of provisions which will be made for safe, sanitary and secure maintenance of the animals. (2) The Director of Public Safety may grant, deny or restrict the terms of an application for exemption; provided, however, that he shall take some official action on an application within 120 days of its filing. (3) In considering the merits of an application for exemption, the Director of Public Safety may cause one or more inspections of the applicant\\\'s premises to be made by appropriate employees or representatives of the City, and may also refer the application to persons who are technically knowledgeable with respect to the animals involved for an advisory opinion. (4) In evaluating an application for exemption, the Director of Public Safety shall give consideration to the following criteria: A. The experience and knowledge of the applicant relative to the animals involved; B. Whether the applicant has obtained a federal or state permit relative to the animals involved; C. The relative danger, safety, and health risks to the general public, to persons residing or passing near the applicant\\\'s premises, and to the applicant in connection with the animals involved; D. The provisions which have been or will be made for the safe, sanitary and secure maintenance of the animals for the protection of the general public, persons residing or passing near the applicant\\\'s premises, and the applicant; E. The provisions which have been or will be made to protect the safety and health of the animals involved; F. Any other logically relevant information. (5) An application for exemption under this subsection (d) shall be denied unless the Director of Public Safety determines that, in view of all the relevant criteria and any restrictions which he may provide, reasonably appropriate measures commensurate with the degree of risk associated with the animals involved have been or will be taken to assure at least a minimum acceptable level of protection from danger to the health and safety of the general public, persons residing or passing near the applicant\\\'s premises, and the applicant. (6) An exemption granted pursuant to this subsection (d) may be withdrawn by action of the Director of Public Safety in the event that the Director of Public Safety determines that there has been a change in the conditions or assumptions under which it was originally granted or in the event that the applicant fails to comply with restrictions originally placed on the exemption. (e) No exemption granted pursuant to any paragraph of this section shall be construed, nor is it intended by the City as a guaranty or warranty of any kind, whether express or implied to any person, including without limitation the general public, persons residing or passing near the applicant\\\'s premises, or the applicant, either in general or individually, as to the danger, or lack thereof, or degree of risk to health or safety of any animal, specifically or generally, or any premises where any animal is maintained or kept pursuant to such exemption. (f) Whoever violates any of the provisions of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. A separate offense shall be as deemed committed for each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues. (Ord. 44-04. Passed 6-21-04.)
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    Information Last Updated2011-05-13 10:44:25

    NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens. You can read more info about checking local laws here..

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