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Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

Langshans are gentle giants. As with other Asiatic breeds, they are prone to broodiness and do well in colder weather. They are able to adapt to hotter temperatures as well and are thriving in 100*F degree temperatures. Sexing of the chicks is fairly simple as the males will not become fully feathered until after 16 weeks of age. Females are fully feathered by approximately 9 weeks of age. Males are the taller sex and one of my cocks has reached a height of 32". His weight is approximately 15 lbs and most of the weight is retained in the legs. You will be able to feel the keel bone fairly easily when handling this breed. Langshans are a slow-growing breed and require this extra time in which to build the frame. Weight is not the main issue with these birds as the frame must be built up before any weight can be accrued.




Description / Information


This Langshan cockerel is a black male and approximately 9 months old. His tail is not completely grown and he still has room to grow.​



These chicks are approximately 3 weeks old. They are all black Langshans. This photo is to denote the different shadings that the black variety can have at birth.​