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  1. langshanlover
    2011-10-31 Always a work in progress...........

    This is myself & a brown leg horn about 3 months old
    Hi, I'm Langshanlover (Honey is my birth name & I've heard all the jokes about it! [​IMG]) Welcome to my world of Chickens! [​IMG]
    I'm new at this so bare with me, I'm going to try making this page about my enteraction with my chickens and their housing that we make for them, to all that come across this page I hope you enjoy.
    1st Light Brahma Salmon Favorelle My Langshan "Sweet Pea", I Luv, Luv,Luv her, she's very sweet![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My Girls [​IMG] [​IMG] This is "Hawk" my free roo from McMurray Hatchery [​IMG]
    [​IMG] We put this Bantam egg w/a white Dove & her egg, she excepted it & hatched both, amazing, huh!?!?

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  1. Didi
    Enjoyed your photos, Honey! Hope you are well. I have sent you a few PM's with no response. I love that the dove hatched the Bantam egg! So special. Take care and I hope to see more photos.
    Didi (Christine)

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