Large Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops

By BYC Support · Jan 10, 2012 · Updated Jan 22, 2017 · ·
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  1. puffypoo
    Ohh I need to add my dads coop! It's awesome!!
  2. king tail
    i cant get my coop on there. i have tried my coop but it will not let me put pics on!
  3. cajun quail365
    There just chickens
  4. cajun quail365
    There just chickens
  5. cajun quail365
    There just chickens
  6. cajun quail365
    Out of all those coops I think there to fancy
  7. WindStep
    Theses Are You!
  8. haagchick
    Well, I posted some pics of our recently updated coop and a sign that I painted for the front of the coop. Not sure if they will be seen in BYC coop section...maybe you guys can verify if I did this correctly? ? Thanks!
  9. gg706
    From what I have seen you have to submit your coop in a BYC coop contest. From the contests they add coops to the coop pages.
  10. eggsnob
    I love all these coops. Makes me want another one.
  11. Redpullet
    Some of these coops are nicer than some peoples homes
  12. LoveChickens123
    i wish my coop was like these i am so jelous
  13. ladyfeather
    They are all so tall! I am trying to find more subtle coops and I have no problem with a shorter one I might have to stoop to clean.
  14. allygb99
    some of theese coops r nicer then our house:)
  15. LaLobaBlanca
    Does anyone here sell or build coops?
  16. claytonhain
    i dont see my coop):
  17. hollychicken
    We just finished building ours , it is reakky nice and has a lot of room and 6 nesting boxes hope my girls will like it ( 2 of them are 2 days old to day and 3 of them are going to hatch today!)
  18. Lane1111
    I have five girls that love their home. It comes complete welcome mat, screened windows, Greek statuary and mood lighting. Day time is yard time and nite time is safe from predators. Only concern is the addiction to crack (corn). As soon as they see or hear me, they come running to get their fix.
  19. mdbokc
  20. mdbokc
  21. Jake1297
    FYI...... If you want to get your coop on here. Go to your profile and upload some pictures of your coop. Don't forget to tell us all about it. There are buttons in your profile for many things you can do here on BYC.
  22. chirpchirpchook
    wow these coops are amazing **
  23. Grandpa Luke
    So many great ideas ...... so little time! What a great resource while I build a new 10' X 12' coop in a stall of my pole barn. I already have 50+ pictures from the tear down of an old coop to my current place in it's construction! Gathered so much useful information & altered some of it to fit my needs! Thanks everyone for taking the time to share! Luke :-0))))))
  24. motherearth
    Wish mine were here too. This was my primary design source and I would love to share our ideas and the results of all our hard work here too. Anybody know if it's possible to be included in the main article? And/or how to get added? Again, my profound thanks for all the info sharing that happens here at BYC!
  25. Evelle
    my coop isnt on here :(

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