Large Fowl Araucanas

By Siamesesage · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Siamesesage

    This page is especially for our Araucanas! In November of 2008 we added large fowl Araucanas to our showing/breeding poultry. This is all new to us, so bear with us as we grow. Although standard (large fowl) chickens are only approved by the APA(American Poultry Association )in five colors, there are other colors of these enchanting birds! Our favorite, and what we are concentrating on in our large fowl breeding program, are splash and blue. The only way to keep these colors going is to develop a breeding program incorporating Splash, Black and Blue. Blue is already an accepted color in the ABA (American Bantam Association) handbook, but splash is not.. but.. you have to have splash in order to produce Blue!! So, we have decided to try to get APA approval of these colors! In the coming show year of 2009 we will be actively campaigning our splash, blue and black large fowl Araucanas. Hope to see you at the shows!
    Thank you Gary Ramey of South Carolina for giving us the chance to enrich our lives with these enchanting birds! Atlas, selfblue splash cockerel, fully tufted; Gaia, blue pullet, fully tufted; Oatmeal, white splashpullet, tufted; Circe, black pullet, tufted. All of our birds are tailless!


    [​IMG][​IMG]Oatmeal, white splash hen, tufted and tailless.. Sh e does have tufts, but they are rather small at this point in her develpment!

    Circe, black pullet, fully tufted/tailless.


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    I think I have one of these

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