Large Portable Goose (or Duck) Coop Wagon with Water Catchment & Portable Pond

By PromiselandFM · Jul 9, 2013 · Updated Jul 19, 2013 · ·
  1. PromiselandFM

    Our portable goose coop built on a wagon frame to make it easier to move on our uneven pastures. It has house gutters that collect rain and feed the rain to a 65 gallon collection tank. That tank feeds an in house water source a portable pond.

    Our geese do use the ramp because their water and feed are up there, we bribe them ;-) At night, we're still training them to go in on there own.

    The coop & pond are easy to move hooked up to an atv or lawn mower.

    For more building information and pictures, visit




    Geese are locked up at night, but have free access where ever during the day. We have coyote problems during the day, so by having our dog feeder on the side of the wagon it encourages our livestock guardian dogs to frequently visit the coop :) The geese don't eat this food. They don't take any interest in it at all. This picture is deceiving though, the dog food is quite a ways off the ground.


    Dry geese food, bulk water tank, and two sides for nesting and resting.


    Portable pond and ramp that doubles as a door to close at night.

    Visit for the full story on this building project! :)

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  1. americanamama
    Very nice! I've been wanting to put gutters on the goose side of my hen house so they would drain into there pond. Your screen idea in the gutter is great ! Love your goose tractor!
  2. Whittni
  3. PromiselandFM
    Joan, What a great idea to bribe our geese to want to go up there at night! Now I just need to figure out what kind of treats will be tempting enough :) Thanks!
  4. Stumpy
    What a fantastic set-up, so well thought out! I love the gutter system.
  5. joan1708
    I'm impressed! What a great idea with the gutters and water tank! I haven't seen anything like it.
    Regarding getting your geese in the coop at night - I used to get my rabbit in her hutch at night with animal crackers. I would lure her up into her hutch at night. She didn't get the cookie until she got in the hutch. I didn't take long before my rabbit would see me and run up to her hutch ready for her cracker when I got there. Maybe it would work with geese too.

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