Toffee! This is my Rhode Island Red rooster who "guards" the yard. He free roams because I like him enough I want to keep him around, but he is mean enough I don't trust him in a confined area with other chickens. He attacks my foot daily, but at the same time chases my car out the drive way when I leave for work like he doesn't want me to leave. It's a love/hate relationship. Haha!

My two new BLRW

A bunch of Snapshots of the main flock!

Trooper the barred rock pullet The flock eating (cochins, leghorn, silver phoenix, EE's, and barred rock)

Silver Phoenix Cockerel Silver Phoenix Pullet

Beaker the white leghorn pullet Salt the cochin cockerel and his cronies

Happy Feet the mutt. Guess RI mix? Falcon

Speedy Gonzales Chip Happy Feet, Falcon, and Chip