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By kimber1965 · Jun 16, 2015 · Updated Jun 16, 2015 ·
  1. kimber1965
    Our coop has been a work in progress since we got our girls (and a few boys that snuck in there somehow). It is coming along nicely and starting to look finished. [​IMG]
    Today we added the nesting boxes, hung feeders and water, installed a new roosting post for the girls and gave them a swing.
    They said to have 12" per hen, but these girls shove their butts all on the same roost. The roosts are 24" long and they get 4 on the top and 3 on the next lowest. Since we put this up, they don't want to sleep IN the coop, they want to stay outside and sleep on their new roost!

    We even gave the girls a swing.................
    Checking out their new digs!
    Still need to add the wood cedar shingles to the sides of the house finish the trim along the eves and get the metal roofing for the run top as it is just covered with the roofing paper right now. My girls are loving it!

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