at first i thought of doing an a-frame, it looked like this;

i'm in north central vermont, many people commented that i really ought to plan on having more square footage for the chickens
because they may have to stay inside the coop for days in the winter, 8-10 square foot per chicken was recommended
i wasn't sure where to put my coop, i had three places i thought could work, here's my site plan. the coop is at location A

this is the start of my coop page. it's base is four solid core wood doors on 4x4's over concrete blocks.
i didn't want to get a permit, and to do that i couldn't have a foundation, had to be at least ten feet from the side property line and under 100 square feet.
this is located twelve feet from the property line and the footprint is 84 square feet

i layed some thick plastic sheeting over the sand and dirt between the 4x4s, then placed the doors,
over them i used 5/8" advantec t+g sheathing. the walls are 2x4's 24" on center.


that's the beginning of a hoop coop (run) in the forground
and you can see two plastic shower sides i got for free on craigslist back at the coop, they'll be used over the interior finishes,
probably on the poop board.