We have a lovely backyard flock of 3 Silkies, 2 Easter Eggers and 2 Barred Rocks...
Our chicken adventure started with 6 adorable fluffy Silkie chicks.
We quickly added 4 more chicks to the family 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Easter Eggers

They quickly outgrew my laundry room,
and needed to move outside so we started "THE COOP" we decided to help with cost we would build it out of pallets. Then cover it with T1-11 siding.

I never thought at the beginning of our chicken adventure Id be searching alleyways for pallets Ha Ha.

There was blood and sweat and a few tears but in the end it was all worth it :)
Sadly we had to find homes for 3 of the Silkies that ended up being Roosters. We are not allowed them where we live :( I miss them so much...

The remaining girls are happy and loving summer weather, green grass, veggies from the garden
so much they gave us the most wonderful present...


yummy eggs