Lavender Guinea & Keets 2016

By BlueShadow · Aug 16, 2016 · Updated Sep 2, 2016 · ·
  1. BlueShadow
    This mama guinea sat on her nest for 4 weeks, right under our noses, and we never noticed. I knew she had disappeared, but I just assumed that a predator had gotten her. Never thought to check for a nest under the bushes right by the front door of our house! When I opened the door the morning of Aug 1, 2016, I got a big surprise - mama guinea was back, with 23 little keets following along. Papa guinea was with them too, protecting the little babies from the too-curious cats.

    Opened the front door and found 23 little surprises!

    Found the nest hiding under the bushes right by the front door of the house. So close - kept them safe and dry, but we never noticed.

    This was a big surprise, we weren't prepared for a batch of keets! We wanted to keep them safe from the cats and other predators, and make sure they were warm, well fed, and dry, so we hurried to clean out our backup brooder area (an old granary with screens put in the door and window), catch the birds, and get them in.
    Here is mama guinea with all 23 keets, safely settled into the new home. She is very protective of them, and won't let me get close.

    At just over 2 weeks old, they are starting to get quite a few feathers, especially in their wings. Their wings are as big as their bodies!

    At 4 weeks old, they were old enough to go outside.
    After 4 weeks of being cooped indoors, Mama Guinea wanted a dust bath!! Baby keets were confused but went along with it.


    Mama Guinea called for Papa for quite awhile before he came. He was used to her calling from in the shed, and he couldn't get in there, so he didn't realize she was free now. Once Papa Guinea showed up, they went for a little parade around the yard. A kitty was snoozing under a tree, she was VERY surprised when she woke up and 25 guineas marched past!


    Keets weren't too sure about how big this world was, they stayed close to Mama and Papa!


    That night, there was quite a disruption in the coop as 24 newcomers showed up to roost, and the 23 littles didn't even know how to use a roost! The chickens were very confused. The keets weren't sure how they were supposed to hide under Mama's feathers here - a few tried staying on the ground, and a couple tried to roost on top of her.


    4 weeks, 5 days old - doing great outside. Mama Guinea takes great care of them, finds them plenty of food and water, and keeps a watchful eye for hawks. Papa Guinea helps out part time.

    One BIG happy family!


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  1. ronott1
    "Nice Story"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 3, 2018
    You have a beautiful Flock!
  2. Anonymous
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 24, 2018
    Cool keets, but I think this should be a personal page and not an article in the learning center.


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  1. fawndane
    Ahh! So cute. :love I have 4 Lavender keets and 2 of them are already laying eggs! We got them in July.
  2. Lutman_Chick
    I love this, absolutely adorable sitting on the fence all in a row, I love Guineas :love
  3. eatbeef14
    How cute, I love it! :love Would you recommend letting a broody hen raise keets?
  4. N F C
    Great story, love the photos!
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  5. Hen Pen Jem
    Awesome! Beautiful guinea family! :clap
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  6. ChickenyChickeny
  7. nenebynature
    Love this story. Those birds are gorgeous
  8. Abriana
    I love the last picture! What a surprise, finding mama with all her babies. they're such a cute family.
  9. lcertuche
    Love these pictures. I really need some guineas. The ticks have been terrible this year and the chickens aren't getting all of them.
  10. Whittni
    This is super cute!
  11. Eps32
    Awesome I actually have some lavender and coral blue Guineas coming in July !
  12. tjogowin
    I have 17 babies, at what age can I release them? I want to train them to come in at night for safety but allow them to be free during the day.
    1. BlueShadow
      It is helpful to let them out into a small enclosed (and roofed) run at about a month of age, so they can see the outside world. After another several weeks, you can start to let them out during the day. You could let them out only an hour before dark, then they won't travel too far before it is time to come in. You also could let out only one bird the first day - it will stay close and want to come back to its friends.
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    2. BlueShadow
      Lots of ways to do it. The important thing to remember is SLOW. Take your time letting them go out, and then they are more likely to come back. Also make sure that you are training them to roost in the place where you want them to stay. Guineas hate change, it is very difficult to train them to new roosts (it took me over 6 months)
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  13. perchie.girl
    adorbs.... I cant wait to get mine going again
  14. GlennLee
    Oh my, keets galore! The pictures are beautiful and I enjoyed the stories that went along with them. Good luck!
  15. Ballerina Bird
    Love the updates, esp the parade!
  16. mustangrooster
    They are so cute!! That's one Big happy family for sure!
  17. Ballerina Bird
    Oh, my gosh, the keets are adorable!!
  18. Ch1ckChick
    They are so cut even as adults
  19. BuffOrpington88
    Great pictures-- they are so adorable!
  20. chykynz
    Nice. Thanks for sharing. We're raising guinea for the first time. Fun to watch. Love the alarm when the hawk pays a visit.
  21. grandmaof5
    I wish...if only they weren't so loud.
  22. pattyhen
    They are so pretty. Congrats
  23. madchuck
    nice one- I hope that happens to me 1day
  24. casportpony
  25. lcertuche
  26. lcertuche
  27. ChickenGrass
    Oh my god
    I want them all !!!!!!
  28. melishkia
    Aww, I want this kind of surprise! Too cute!!!
  29. MontserratChick
    These are unbelievably cute. I promised myself no more birds, but...

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