Lavenderself Blue Orpingtons

  1. TheReidHomestead
    Our lavender Orpingtons we got from a local breeder who's stock came from Jodi/Hinkjc here on BYC. These birds hatched in late August 2010 and will be worked with my black Orps shown here to improve their type.
    This is Oscar, our number one Cockerel:

    This is Olly, the second cockerel and he is no longer in with the girls and is available for sale:
    And this is Octavia on the left, one of our girls in with Oscar:
    We also have two additional lav girls in this pen who are excellent layers. Need to get pic's of them. The 3 girls and Olly our 2nd Roo are for sale. I have F1 black split girls I want to move in with Oscar.

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