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    Welcome to My Swap Page!
    Current as of June 25, 2014


    12+ Brown Coturnix Quail Eggs for Hatching (probably more like 15) SOLD OUT until August, sorry! I will be able to verify fertility in July.


    Embroidered Quilt Squares ~ Five - 10" cotton squares custom embroiderd on my embroidery machine with any names you like. There are 6 fonts to choose from. The squares would work for anything from quilts, pillowcases, purses, or if heavy fabric is specified, even denim patches. Your choice of thread color -- if I dont have it I will buy it! Choose from my fabric, or send your own. You may also send thread if you need an exact match.


    Flower Bulbs ~ 3 Fuchsia Pink Peony bulbs and 10 yellow daffodil bulbs. (The peonies might take a year or so to bloom after transplant but once established they do multiply quickly.)



    1 Rhodedendron Cutting ~ Giant flowering Hot Pink, from a 60 year old tree. White, Medium Flowers, and Red Medium Flowers from established 30 year old bushes. (Note, Rhodies are poisonous to some animals.)



    Japanese Maple Cuttings ~ First red tree has standard leaves and is 12-15 years old, stands about 8' tall. Green tree is 10' tall, and about 20 years old. The last pictured red tree is 60 years old, has lacy leaves and is about 3' tall, and 15' wide. (Limited number, currently available.)


    Herb Cuttings ~ Mix and match, choose 12 stems, bay counts as 3 because they are little trees.

    • Mint ~ I do not know the variety but it is milder than peppermint, and delicious dried and brewed into tea, and mild enough not to need sweetener.
    • Apple Mint~ Mild flavor, fuzzy leaves, pretty, light green foliage. Not as ideal for drying IMO because of the "fuzz" on the leaves. Works best fresh. I am still getting this established, maximum of 2 stems please.
    • Lemon Balm Cuttings~ Another good mint family herb, dried it makes a calming tea before bed or add some leaves to sun tea or sweet tea in summer for a nice fresh twist.
    • Sage ~ Much better fresh than dried, it is perennial and I harvest year round, as needed.
    • Bay Tree Cuttings~ Each 1 counts as 3 stems. You haven't lived if you haven't had fresh bay in your red beans and rice! The parent tree was brought from California 10 years ago as a seed and adapted beautifully to our wet, temperate climate. Probably wouldn't do well in the coldest states.

    Whenever possible I will give as many "extras" as will fit in the package. The extras are in case of damage by USPS, or in the case of eggs, low hatch rates. Remember when shipping live starts or fertile eggs that the weather plays a key factor. I will do everything humanly possible to package your item carefully.

    I will only ship eggs on a Monday. If a holiday falls on a Monday I will not ship eggs that week. I have always had eggs arrive in a timely manner but I have heard too many horror stories about eggs sitting somewhere all weekend; shipping them on Monday gives them the best chance of arriving before the weekend.

    ~Coming Soon~
    • Para-cord Survival Bracelets (ASAP, waiting on back ordered clasp)
    • Para-cord Self-defense Key Ring (ASAP, back ordered parts.)
    • Jumbo Coturnix hatching eggs... (August)
    • Texas A&M Quail hatching eggs (August)
    • Italian Golden Speckled Quail (August)

    ~Coming Spring 2015~
    • Ring-neck Pheasants - I have two lines of chicks so the parents are not related.
    • Red Golden Pheasant fertile eggs (limited availability)
    • Yellow Golden Pheasant fertile eggs. (limited availability)
    • Reeves Pheasant fertile eggs (limited availability)
    • Lavender and Black Split Ameraucanas (limited availability)
    • Easter Egger Sex-links ~ Cockerels will be barred, split to lavender; good possible sires of lavender cuckoo. Pullets will be black, split to lavender, and lay olive green eggs. These will hatch from brown colored eggs, and should (about 75% of the time) lay green eggs.
    • Yellow and Red Raspberry starts
    • "Wild" Garlic. Grows in small clumps like bunching onions, perennial.
    • Button Quail eggs (Blue breasted, red breasted, white and wild type parents. Lots of color possibilities!)

    What I am looking for:
    Game Birds! (not interested in chickens or guinea fowl.)
    • Chuckar Partridge (any variety)
    • Snowflake Quail
    • Mexican Speckled Quail
    • Georgia Giant Quial
    • Tennessee Red Quail
    • Other Quail or Pheasants not listed... what have you got??

    12+ Coturnix Quail Eggs ~ MyPeeps2013
    Side Swap 23 more for some truffles
    5 Custom Quilt Swatches ~ Flowers of Abba ~ 5/8/13 ~ (pending baby's arrival)

    Chicken Saddles ~ mnhomestead ~ 5/9/13
    Truffles from side swap ~ MyPeeps
    Horseradish ~ kiwijean83

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